How to Gift Like a Minimalist

By Veronica Eisner

Updated November 03, 2023 @ 08:12PM

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We live in a world with an immense amount of waste. Most of us are consumers who consume – we buy things and throw things away or donate them at an alarming rate. While many of us do a lot of mental gymnastics to justify our purchases, the effect that this type of consumption has on our planet and our mental health is extensive.

There’s a reason that so many people have decided to become “minimalists.” Minimalists are people that try to live with as little as they can and, in doing so, try to free their lives of stuff, clutter, and waste. Not everyone can or desires to be a minimalist, but those that do find that it can be very freeing in addition to being a more earth-friendly way to live.

One area where minimalism and consumption can conflict with each other is when it comes to gifting. By default, minimalism is against buying unnecessary things, but there are plenty of situations where a gift is warranted or appropriate. So what do minimalists buy as gifts? What can we learn from minimalists about the best gifts to buy? 

Gifting From Minimalists vs. To Minimalists

One thing that we should clarify is that we’re not talking about how to buy a gift FOR a minimalist, although this may apply to that as well. Buying gifts for minimalists can be a challenge, because they may already have most of the items that they need to live the lifestyle they want. But minimalists tend to have the right mindset when it comes to gift giving. Those on the receiving end of genuine, thoughtful gifts from minimalists tend to adore them – even if they don’t realize it at the time.

Why (and How!) to Gift Like a Minimalist

The reason that gifting like a minimalist is so effective is because minimalists go through a series of questions when they’re choosing to make a purchase:

  • Will it be something that is essentially guaranteed to be used often for years?
  • Will it withstand the tests of time, both in style and in quality?
  • Will it be an eyesore, or contribute to a feeling of clutter?

Gifts that satisfy all of these questions – as long as it’s something the other person needs – are gifts that the people on the receiving end tend to truly and genuinely appreciate in the long term. Sometimes, the person does not even realize it at the time, but eventually the gifts become the best and only gifts they have and remember from that time period. 

There are some great gifts out there that a person will open with excitement, but will not use for more than a week or two before it becomes another piece of the clutter. Have you ever received a neck massager for your birthday? How long did you actually use it?

Minimalists are looking to buy gifts that satisfy those questions. They are gifts that match the person’s personality, but they are also gifts that should last for years. They should be gifts that are not temporarily fashionable or cheaply made and likely to break. They have to be gifts that are more than cool or interesting, but actually and genuinely valuable to the person in the long term.

Allett Sport Wallet in LeatherWhat Gifts Match This Description?

Of course, it’s one thing to say that you should gift like a minimalist. It’s another to explain what that would look like. An example, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a non-seasonal minimalist designer wallet. 

 Wallets are small and will not cause clutter. They are functional and everyone needs them, indicating that they are not an unnecessary part of living a minimalist lifestyle. They are the type of gift that is used for as many as 10 years or more provided you choose a high quality wallet. Wallets that are not seasonal, or not overly decorated in a fashion brand (which may become “uncool,” lose its value/status, or be replaced by a newer competing brand) will last for many years.

In addition to wallets, examples of minimalist gifts might include things like a high end, minimalist water bottle, a timeless and classic watch, an accessory (for example, a belt) that can be worn with essentially every piece of clothing, high end kitchenware, or experiences that are likely to create lasting memories or potentially be used throughout life, like a cooking class. 

Gifting like a minimalist can have immense value for the recipient, because the items are not unnecessary, extra, or likely to lose their excitement and shine. Gifting like a minimalist can help you buy great gifts not only for other minimalists, but for anyone that you may need to buy gifts for that you hope they will truly appreciate.

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