Cool Things to Put in Your Wallet, the 10 Best Items of All!


Updated March 11, 2020 @ 11:21PM

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There are so many awesome gadgets, tools and other super clever things to carry in your wallet! And because your wallet is almost always with you, there aren’t too many better places to keep the cool essentials and useful gizmos that make life a little bit easier.

If you’ve got a few extra credit card slots in your wallet, you might just be able to carry ALL of these super clever and interesting gadgets so you can have everything you need on the go stored easily in your wallet!

Let’s take a dive into some of the handy wallet-sized extras that can hack your everyday life and help you step your wallet game up!

Let’s start off with one of the easiest picks. It’s one we couldn’t leave out, and it might just be the most useful card in your wallet!

credit card wallet flashlight led

 #1 Credit card flashlight

    We’ve all been in there, whether you are in a cab hunting around for money, or home after a fun night out and your car keys have mysteriously disappeared into the very depths of your purse.

    This super useful credit card-sized flashlight will brighten up your life and make sure you can find them quick and easy! Coupled with its added utility in roadside emergencies or even simply finding yourself walking home in the dark.

    With this nifty little card light you will always have a light right at your fingertips. It’s been ingeniously designed to fit snugly into an extra credit card slot in your wallet, and good news: It only turns on when you flip the light bulb up.

    Putting off just the right amount of light to see what’s in front of you, it’s exceptionally convenient and ensures you’ll always have a lamp to light the way!

    You can never have too much peace of mind when out and about! 

    So now let’s take a look at another lifesaver that comes up big when you are out and about for work, on vacation, and especially while traveling.

    #2 Portable phone chargers!

    Unfortunately, battery technology has not kept up with the demands of portable devices. Many of us find ourselves running out of battery for our phones, usually just at the point when we need it the most. Portable chargers are a useful hack to allow us to keep our day up and running at full power! 

    However, even though they’re constantly getting smaller, most portable chargers are still relatively bulky and can be a hassle to remember and to carry around. So let’s look at some super compact charging devices, perfect to slip inside your wallet!

    In comes the Android Charge Card!

    How many times have you picked up your phone ready to make an important call or send a text while you’ve been on your commute home, out at the mall or anywhere away from home and your phone battery has run out of charge!

    You might not have your car with you for easy in-car charging and hunting down a charger at your nearest coffee shop can be a nightmare.

    This super useful little gizmo can really save your life in one of those tricky no charge moments!

    It’s a backup battery in a credit card size. Perfect for slipping into your wallet for those frustrating low battery situations.

    It works and it’s super simple!

    Charge it up, then store in your wallet for any battery life emergencies! This miraculous little contraption is a real lifesaver! You charge this card and fold it up to keep it in your wallet, where it will stay until the next time you need it.

    So from one way to charge your phone battery let's now take a look at another super useful little charging gadget perfect to slip in your wallet. 



    #3 Chargekey lightning cable  

      The ChargeKey is said to be the world’s smallest Apple Lightning cable. It works as both as a charging cable and as a data transfer cable when you connect it to your laptop or computer.

      It’s compact design makes it much more practical for traveling or everyday backup than the more traditional style cables.

      It’s always handy when you need it, and it easily slips inside your wallet. It’s perfect for use with almost all smartphones, as you can also buy one with a Micro USB connector for use with Android devices.

      We all know how frustrating it can be when your phone dies on you and in today’s modern world, it’s critical to remain fully charged! And don’t forget, it can also be used as a data transfer kit too!

      With the ChargeKey you can give your iPhone or iPad a quick charge via your laptop or from any USB power adapter. Remember to just pop into your wallet and go!

      So now we’ve seen how you can make sure you are fully charged every day with a compact super efficient wallet-sized charger, let’s look at another useful item just perfect for carrying in your wallet.

      Cool wallet tool with knife


      #4 The Tool Logic Credit Card companion

      So what does this 2 inch 50/50 serrated stainless steel blade – an uber useful gadget – actually do? Here’s a list of everything packed into this tiny tool.

      • Flat screwdriver 
      • The combination can and bottle opener 
      • 8 x Magnification lens and for starting camp fires
      • Tweezers for splinter or small object removal, 
      • Toothpick 
      • Compass for navigation 
      • Inch/cm ruler  

      Everything you get in a Swiss Army Knife but with a much lighter package! Perfect for getting out and about outdoors while hiking or camping expeditions.

      Carrying bulky tools when you are trying to travel light in the great outdoors can weigh you down, but with this compact card-sized multi-tool, if you’ve got your wallet you are good to go!

      Perfect for vacations or any trip when you might need a bottle opener for a much-needed beer! All these tools fit into a credit card-sized container that is 3.375 x 2.125 inches and weighs an ultra-light 1.4 oz.

      It can easily slip into one of the credit card slots in your wallet so you will always have it with you, ready for an emergency or simply when you need to tighten a screw.

      The casing is made from tough ABS plastic that is designed to last. The serrated stainless steel blade is extra sharp and is able to cut through most tough materials like butter, such as rubber hoses, cardboard packaging, and rope!


      carzor razor that fits in wallet

      #5 Next up is the Carzor!

      So, we all know how frustrating it is when we are going out and glance down to see you missed a spot while shaving.

      Or when you’re in the office after skipping shaving during a rushed morning and suddenly your boss announces a visit from some important VIP’s!

      If you only had a compact, neat little razor with a mirror that you could slide in your purse or wallet! Well, that’s exactly what the Carzor is!  

       A fantastic little device. The razor handle very cleverly pops out of the card exposing a U-shaped mirror to enable fast and efficient shaving even when you are away from a bathroom!  

       The blades are kept at the back of the mirror in two storage slots, giving you an extra blade for any other shaving emergencies.

      A great find for those who enjoy maximum utility with minimal weight to carry!


      compact wallet fork and knife cutlery

      #6 Card cutlery 

      Although a portable knife and fork may not be the absolute top of your everyday essentials, it’s an awesome space saver that may come into play at just the right time! Like when you fancy something hot for your lunch and get some quick take out, but don’t have any kitchen utensils handy.

      Or maybe you like to take a nice healthy salad to the office for your lunch break and the lunchroom isn’t stocked with cutlery. Or maybe it is, but you prefer to bring your own!

      Each utensil is about 3 inches long so although you aren’t going to hold in the same way as conventional cutlery, it is a great portable alternative that is super convenient to slip into your wallet or purse. 

      The secret is to slip your index and middle fingers through the holes on the handle, this will give you the necessary grip to be able to cut effectively.

      The forks have 1.25″ long prongs and the knife blade is about 1 and a half inches. At this size they are, of course, far shorter than your standard-sized cutlery, but they will work perfectly in a pinch!

      There is the added green bonus of cutting down on disposable plastic cutlery, which is always a great benefit! Another perfect item to stash neatly in your wallet!

      So now we’ve seen how useful micro cutlery can be, let’s see how you can make sure you are never locked out of your house again.

       wallet spare card key holder

      #7 Spare card key storage 

        We all remember the time we had to climb through a window because we‘d accidentally forgotten our key. It’s so annoying, not to mention a little bit dangerous. 

        What’s even worse is locking your keys in the car, something we’ve all done at least once! Grabbing a spare key holder to fit neatly inside your wallet or purse is the ideal solution.

        Simply just pop your house and car keys into the plastic and store safely in your wallet. Think of all the hassle you could avoid if you bought one of these key storage cards. Any time you need a spare, it will be conveniently hidden away inside your wallet, ready to use!

        Let’s look below at another nifty wallet-sized gadget which makes bulky luggage locks a thing of the past.

        wallet luggage key card lock

        #8 Key card lock

        We’ve misplaced the keys to an important padlock more times than we can count, and the last thing you want on vacation is to be locked out of your luggage!

        Why not choose a key card lock to make sure key loss is never an issue again? This handy credit card-sized card lock is the perfect solution to fumbling around trying to remember combinations or losing those tiny little keys supplied with luggage.

        It’s so simple to use and slips effortlessly into your wallet for ultra safekeeping. 

        The key-card works with different-sized holes punched into the corner of the card. When the pre-cut holes are inserted into the lock, it will unlock when it matches the pattern on the padlock. It’s much faster than a combination lock and as easy as using a key.

        A handy feature of the key card lock is that if it gets bent or damaged you have two corners containing 2 sets of identical holes so you have a backup. There is also an additional spare card offered which means you can give the extra one to a traveling companion for extra security.

        They are so simple to use. Simply insert the corner of the keycard into a slot on the side of the padlock. Make sure you push the card in firmly so you hear a click, and in a snap the lock will be open.


        wallet credit card flash drive

        #9 Credit card-sized flash drive

        This is a perfectly utility gadget if you travel between offices, work from home, or even if you and your family love swapping photos but hate the hassle of emailing, texting or using Bluetooth.

        This super useful credit card-sized flash drive is cool thing to have in your wallet. Keep one hidden away securely in the credit card slots of your wallet and easily transfer information, images, and documents in a flash, no wifi required.

        Finally, let’s look at a super-easy way to make sure losing your keys will be a thing of the past!


        tile credit card wallet wireless key tracker

        #10 Wireless key finder

        How many times have we been running late in the morning, frantically searching for the car keys? The whole household gets involved with the all-too-familiar ‘has anyone seen my keys??’ As everyone turns the house upside down in search of the missing keys.

        With a key finder, you will know where you have misplaced your key or other items at the touch of a button and all with the convenience of storing in a credit card slot on your wallet.

        All you have to do is attach the receiver to your key-ring or any or other valuables you want to track, press the button on the transmitter and it will beep to enable a quick, easy and convenient location of your keys! 

        allett wallets minimal nylon wallet set red


        To finish... 

        So many awesome gadgets are available, and now all you need is a superb quality wallet to put them all in. Just head over to our store and select the wallet of your dreams! 

        Or maybe dispense with gadgets altogether and opt for our ultra-slim wallet range to go completely minimalist! 

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