All Women’s Wallet Styles - All Types and Best Selection Guide!

By Bridget Muscat

Updated January 17, 2020 @ 11:05AM

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to decide on the kind of wallet you need. Are you looking for something stylish and slim, made of beautiful organic leather to make a real statement every time you’re at the store, are you a Wonder Woman who loves all things “sporty and outdoors”?

 Maybe you travel regularly with work, so you need something to hold all your travel documents safe and securely. Or it could be you are going to go for a significantly minimal carry with simply a cardholder wallet.

 Perhaps you’re looking for a present for the lovely lady in your life, toying with the idea of downsizing your purse or maybe you would just simply love to own an elegant, buttery soft Nappa leather slimline wallet.

 Join us to find out your best options when making the decision to buy a stylish but uber functional wallet as we take you through the wide selection of women’s wallets.


slim womens minimalist rfid wallet


Read on to find out the most stylish and practical solution to every wallet dilemma you may have!


So we can better understand the kinds of ladies wallets that are available, let’s start by taking a look below at some of the activities you may get up to, to help you decide the best women’s wallet for your needs and some of the reasons you may need a gorgeously slim and hard-working women’s wallet.


The Perfect Wallet Style

There will always be the perfect wallet style for your own personal needs to help you navigate an often extra busy week! Dropping the children at school, visits to the store, commuting to work and squeezing in a self-development class or two requires making the right wallet choice!

 Here at Allett, we pride ourselves on having exactly the kind of wallet you are looking for and during our many years’ experience, we sure know a thing or two about wallets!

 There are many different styles of women’s wallets. There’s a huge crossover in the styles suitable for both men and women, along with a huge array of designs, styles, and materials.

 We all want something different in a wallet. Maybe you're a minimalist who wants to carry the bare essentials or maybe you're someone who simply can't pass up a loyalty card. Either way, we have the right wallet!


Great Storage

Whatever your key functions required of your beautifully designed women’s wallet, the key to a good wallet is storage space. Do you have all the pockets and accessories you need?

 Remember our Allett Wallets are cleverly designed to allow plenty of storage in a really minimal carry to meet your storage needs, no matter what they are.


Wallets get a lot of use, so you also want to look for something that can withstand some wear-and-tear and hold all your necessities.


“Allet Wallets are cleverly designed to allow plenty of
storage in a really minimal carry.”


Purse switcher

Are you or the special lady in your life a purse switcher?  If so, you may need to switch your wallet too!


It could be that some of your purses are large and roomy enough to carry a larger type wallet, whereas others will require a super slim style, with more of a pared-down approach, just like the super-slim styles we create here at Allett from the most sumptuous leathers and top quality nylon finishes.


Hard-working women’s wallets required

If you enjoy participating in extreme sports such as coasteering, off-roading, skydiving and other outdoor activities such as trekking or simply spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, a useful waterproof nylon wallet would be perfect to keep your credit and other important cards dry and secure.


Or how about a practical but stylish addition to your ladies wallet collection, with a travel wallet.


Busy traveler

Keep all your important documents required for your busy traveling schedule or perfect for vacations. Many of our wallets have added RFID protection, to ensure your ID safety while also keeping your passport, driver’s license and bus cards easily accessible.


Business needs

Maybe you have a wealth of business contacts and need a functional but impressive holder for when you are entertaining clients, schmoozing your new boss or keeping track of your new sales contacts. Maybe you’ve got a cheeky side hustle and need somewhere to store your networking business cards.

slim womens minimalist wallet with rfid blocking protection allett made in usa

What lady’s wallet do I need?

Right through from beautiful vegetable dyed soft leather to give you an edge in the style stakes, or maybe even a state of the art RFID protection super slim style or even the more traditional bi-fold or tri-fold types, there’s the perfect women’s wallet ready for the way you live your life.


Before we head into outlining in more detail, the different types available of wallets on the market for women. Let’s start by looking at the type of women’s wallets there are.


Many of these are tried-and-tested designs we adopt in house here at Allett, designed by our expert craftsmen.


What types of ladies’ wallets are there?

There are a number of different shapes, sizes, and purposes of women’s wallets. Some will have a multifunction approach. This allows them to double up their use and can be used for more than one purpose. Other women’s wallets will be specific to one function and will better suit one purpose.


It helps when considering which wallet to get, ask yourself a few vital questions.


  • What style of women’s wallet do you want?
  • How many credit cards do you put in your wallet?
  • Do you carry coins?
  • Which wallet is best for you?
  • Which kind of style is best to match with your fashion sense and style?
  • What do you want your wallet to say about you?
  • What look do you want to achieve
  • How long do you want your women’s wallet to last?


It’s probably fair to say you’ve had your old wallet for a few years. Given the daily torment that we put them through that’s a fair time for a wallet to hold out for. So it pays to go for a quality wallet that’s going to last for a few years more.


Try and find a wallet or more than one that fits your style and personality well!


“Many of these are tried-and-tested designs we adopt in house
here at Allett, designed by our expert craftsmen.”


Before we start to look more in-depth at specific styles of women’s wallets, let’s take a look at the many different kinds of design features available, to help you better decide which women’s wallet is for you and which functions you may need to prioritize.


What features do women’s wallets have?

  • Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold connecting clip
  • Credit card-sized slots
  • Checkbook size holder
  • Receipts & Business Cardholders
  • RFID Protection
  • Space in the main compartment for receipts and cash
  • Zipped coin compartment
  • Passport slots
  • Boarding slots
  • Micro-Pen pocket
  • Clear ID pocket


Slim women’s wallets are quickly becoming the most popular choice amongst those looking to downsize their carry. The main aim of ultra-slim wallets is to keep things light and avoid any unnecessary bulk.


Today's women’s wallets also provide the ever-important stylish good looks of beautifully crafted leather or modern waterproof and sweat resistant colored nylon combined with the extra security of RFID technology.


Now we’ve looked at the chief features and functions of women’s wallets, let’s read on and take a look at some of the materials available for women’s wallets.


“Women’s minimalist wallets are quickly becoming the most popular choice amongst those looking to downsize their carry.”


Wallet materials

Although the materials that women’s wallets have been made out of has become significantly advanced in recent times, there are 3 main materials that are still as popular today as ever, when it comes to choosing a wallet. has become a lot more advanced in recent years.


Let’s take a look at them below:



This timeless classic has been a top favorite for those looking for a durable, stylish and classic finish on a women’s wallet.


Original leather simply put, becomes more beautiful with age. A gorgeously soft and beautiful patina which during the years of use will result in a stylish and ever more attractive woman’s wallet. Leather wallets come in a wide range of textures and finishes. 

The unmistakable aroma of real leather is hard to beat when you are looking for a hard-wearing, luxury finish to your women’s wallet. 



During recent years, with the advent of technical, tougher and waterproof fabrics, we now have an abundance of lightweight, versatile nylon wallets.


This hard-wearing man-made fabric is able to withstand any kind of outdoor activity or extreme sport you may spend your downtime enjoying.


With a huge range of beautiful and stylish colors available, this minimal fabric ticks all the boxes in the lightweight and long-lasting stakes.


Ultra-slim nylon women’s wallets are perfect for keeping your important ID, bank cards and even your club card safe and secure.


Nylon is also a perfect vegan alternative to a leather ladies wallet.


Veg-Tan leather

Soft, durable, eco-friendly and available in a range of classic and beautiful colors is what a Veg-tan women’s wallet has to offer.


This gorgeous leather is processed exactly as original tanners did by using natural tannins such as berries and bark to create a range of stunning colors.


Veg-Tan leather has none of the chemicals which are often used in standard leather processes, so is a perfect option if the welfare of our planet is top of your agenda.

RFID wallets

Radio Frequency Identification’ is a great way to make sure you are taking as many precautions as possible to be safe and secure when making your women’s wallet choices.


In this technologically advanced world, there are a growing number of more sophisticated theft techniques being used. With identity theft constantly on the rise, it’s more important than ever to protect your important ID documents.


By deciding to add RFID protection for your wallet, you can give yourself extra peace of mind that your identity won’t be a target for thieves. To find out more, read our article about RFID.


“Radio Frequency Identification’ is a great way to make sure you are taking as many precautions as possible to be safe and secure.”


Now we’ve looked at some of the useful and stylish materials you are likely to find when browsing for a women’s wallet, let’s now take a more in-depth look at specific styles of women’s wallets, starting with possibly the most traditional and well-known fashion all styles, the bi-fold.


Bifold wallet

Bifold gets its name from the design. This traditional style wallet folds once down the middle, which folds your paper currency in half hence the name.


Bi-fold women’s wallets are generally made from leather but are also often available in other synthetic materials such as nylon and other varieties that protect the contents from weather conditions such as rain and also offer that bit more security in terms of RFID protection.


Some bifold designs also include areas to store business cards, loose coins, and other important documents.


The bi-fold wallet is one of the most commonly used wallets in the world and is the most traditional and well-known style.


They generally have one main pocket to store your paper currency and many other slots to keep your bank and other cards safe and secure.


Tri-fold wallet

The tri-fold wallet is similar to the traditional bi-fold, but instead of one flap which folds over, it has two. The tri-fold design is less commonly found in wallets made for women but still holds an important place when selecting a new wallet primarily due to it's carrying capacity.


It can store lots of important essentials in one space. A tri-fold wallet is rectangular in shape, similar to a bi-fold but its primary difference is that it contains two flaps which fold over.


Similar to the bi-fold, it also has one open pocket for keeping paper cash and also contains many other slots for your bank, travel and other cards such as ID card, debit, business or credit types.


There can be around 10 slots in your tri-fold. A tri-fold will also have receipt pockets to keep important store receipts safe.


A tri-fold wallet will have much more space than a bi-fold, however, the danger with this type of wallet is that you may be tempted to overstuff it, which could make you a prime target for thieves.


Women’s minimalist wallets by Allett

We've all had that moment. You're in a coffee shop or a large store and as you purchase, you are asked if you want a loyalty card. It may not even be a store you have any reason to even go back into, but it can be really tempting to add one more store card to your growing collection!


You need something to hold all your important stuff but also don’t want a clumsy, heavy overstuffed wallet.


Why not try our uber classy and oh-so-chic premium Nylon Women’s Wallet with RFID blocking protection. It has plenty of room for store cards, with 5 per pocket, allowing you to store up to 20 cards.


It has a divided/cash receipt pocket for storing bills and receipts. Super-Strong snap closure is combined with a stylish zipper and is a gorgeous shade of plum.


nylon womens minimalist rfid blocking wallet allett

Clutch wallets

Clutch wallets hold essential items without the bulkiness of a large purse. A clutch wallet is a compact and often stylish case for money and identification cards for convenient access.


Many will contain space for your cell phone, checkbook, interior cardholders and some even include a mini pen. The back of the wallet will often offer a zipper pocket for your loose change.


A clutch wallet can be square or rectangular. Some styles that open at the top include a zippered or fabric tab closure or a top metal kiss-lock clasp closure.


Other clutch wallets have a flap that folds over the top and fastens on the front. Checkbook clutch wallets that fit in your checkbook, bills, and change often have a longer frame.


Clutch wallets are perfect for a night out with the ladies, a romantic meal or anywhere you want to look enviably stylish.

womens minimalist clutch wallet rfid blocking allett

Passport wallet

Most passport wallets are bi-fold, There’s usually space for several credit cards, your passport, and money, plus a slot for a pen, should any of your dinner checks or bar tabs come without one.


Allett passport holders come with super-secure RFID blocking technology, which can protect you against theft by electronic scanners, it makes quickly accessing your documents easier than ever.


Most passport holders contain a thumb-slide ID window and slots to enclose your passport into position.


Here at Allett, there is no need to fold your travel documents! Our beautiful and cleverly designed passport holders will keep boarding passes and travel receipts neat and tidy in the large document pocket with space for some extra cash, stashed securely out of sight.  Any size of currency fits in the two nifty little pockets, with a  raised pocket to access cash easily.


Women’s minimalist wallet

A women's minimalist wallet usually comes in a compact size with 2 to 3 pockets in order to securely store away credit cards, bills, and receipts. It often provides versatility in where the wallet can be stored, in either a pocket or a small purse.


The Allett Sport Wallet is the ideal option for any woman that wants the lightest and smallest wallet available. The Sport Wallet is made to hold cash, cards and a micro-pen. Built with two side-by-side pockets, each allowing up to 5 cards per pocket to give a total holding capacity of up to 10 cards. The interior provides one slot for cash and a special pocket for the Allett micro-pen.


Made from beautifully soft and buttery top-grain leather or available in super lightweight yet durable nylon, this useful women’s minimalist wallet is the ideal size to slide into any small women's pant or jacket pocket. 


slim sport wallet women's minimalist wallet allett

And finally…

All our wallets have been handcrafted by craftsmen at our factory in San Diego since 1995. Our beautifully designed women’s wallets are designed to last. Our stylish slim wallets come in many shapes, sizes and gorgeous colors with features like RFID blocking technology.


Not only do we design for minimal carry, but we also design for practical use. This means you don't have to pare down everything you carry to achieve a slim wallet. It also means you can expect to love your wallet for many years to come.


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