Customer Spotlight: The Grand Adventures of “Greenie”

By Bridget Muscat

Updated August 28, 2018 @ 04:11PM

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“I had one of the original sail-cloths for about 15 years. My niece’s husband said: “As long as I’ve known you, you’ve had that green wallet.” I had bought it right after the NY Times article about a small company in San Diego making “thin wallets”. That green, tattered thing with holes worn in the bottom was known as “Greenie”.

Greenie had been at top of Tungurahua Volcano in the Ecuadorean Andes a week before the volcano blew.

Allett Greenie Thin Wallet

Greenie has been on the top of Haleakala Volcano a month. Greenie was on the top deck of the Eiffel Tower in France and rode the elevator down with all the security guards at midnight one Friday night. Greenie was on the “summit” of Table Top Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, on the crest of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, on the top of the London Eye and at the top of the DNA Tower in Perth Australia..

Allett Greenie Thin wallet

Greenie visited penguins in South Africa, penguins in Victoria, Australia, and orca whales in Victoria, British Columbia. Greenie went to see U2 in Helsinki, Finland, in Nice, France, in Amsterdam, Holland, in Oakland CA, in Los Angeles, and in Las Vegas NV.

Allett U2 Greenie Thin Wallet

But sadly, as for all of us, Greenie just got too old. Cards kept spilling out. The wear and tear was beyond dignity. I bought a new RFID-proof thin wallet from Allett. I received the wallet and just now as I am writing this I realize that the company name Allett is wallet without the w. So, I received the wallet and instantly fell in love with it. It FEELS good in the hand. It feels GOOD in the hand. The leather feels supple and soft. The credit card pockets are so much better that the ones made of sail cloth….I had to be so careful with Greenie, towards the end he would spill the cards all over the floor. But with this new RFID-proof thin wallet the cards are held snug and tight in their pocket. I am buying another one for my niece’s husband.



It’s a she, and her name is Gray.”

– Steve

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  • I’ve had my Red ID wallet about 12 years. A tiny hole has gotten rubbed close to the fold. Love, love, love this wallet. It has been in my back pocket every day. It is still doing the job. So comfortable to carry. Red hasn’t been all over the world but she has been all over this great country we call United States of America. There are a few other companies out there claiming to have slim wallets, but none as comfortable to carry. Everyone should own one of these. Only complaint is I can’t get a new ID wallet in Red. Ordered the Gray one today. Thanks Allett

    - Phyllis on

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