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San Diego Navy members put our products through the paces.

San Diego, California is one of the most famous cities in America. It’s often referred to as “America’s Finest City,” and whether you agree with that nickname or not, you have to admit that it’s a great place to adventure. One of the most prominent aspects of the city is its heavy military footprint. The United States Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy all have a presence in this city. They also all contribute a great deal to San Diego’s culture and community. Part of that contribution involves embarking on outdoor adventures for both work and play. When it comes to those in the military, their adventures involve some of the most rigorous activity imaginable.   We recently caught up with a group of four current and former members of the United States Navy who have been based in San Diego, and who all carry Allett wallets. We wanted to know how they go about pursuing everyday adventure, and how their wallets have held up to the beating that comes with being carried by such seasoned veterans of adventure. Here’s what each of them had to say…  


What is your position/role in the United States Armed Forces?  

Justin Greene: Naval First Class Petty Officer
Chris Lewis: Naval Aviation Rescue Swimmer
Garrett Bulmer: Naval Aircrewman
Jake Stockton: Naval Aircrewman  

What do you like to do for adventure?  

Justin: I love doing anything that makes me nervous. If it looks dangerous, I want to try it out. Jumping out of helicopters for a living just so happens to be one of those things. I also like to go skydiving, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, dirt bike riding, and hiking. When it comes to playing sports I like baseball and football. Finally, travel is something I’m very passionate about and I look forward to doing more of it.

Chris: I’m an outdoor enthusiast! I go rock climbing, mountaineering, scuba diving, backpacking, surfing, snowboarding, and skydiving among other things.

Garrett: I like to do it all. I enjoy rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, hunting, sailing, traveling, and I plan to start skydiving this year.

Jake: I love to be outdoors. I enjoy hiking and snowboarding most though.  

Allett San Diego Military Snowboarding Slim Wallet  

What was the last adventure you went on?  

Justin: My last great adventure was a trip to Thailand. While there I visited seven unique temples, volunteered at an elephant sanctuary, and was even able to visit the island where the film “The Beach,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. I was also able to see the “Golden Triangle,” where rivers from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand all merge into one body of water.

Chris: A snowboarding trip in South Lake Tahoe, Allett ID Wallet included. Usually I take out my ID and credit card when I’m off on an adventure, but this wallet is slim enough to carry in my pants and not worry about that.

Garrett: On my last adventure I climbed Mt. Whitney, which is one of the highest summits in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It was early December, snow-covered, and around 26 degrees out. I was forced to stay overnight at the summit and had to sleep through a gnarly storm.

Jake: The last adventure I went on was a four day snowboarding trip to South Lake Tahoe. We went riding at the Heavenly and Sierra resorts.  

How important is it for you to have a versatile adventure wallet?  

Justin: Very important! I need something durable that can take a beating while holding all my personal identification, cash, and various cards all at the same time. I also appreciate the safety provided by RFID protection. That’s very helpful when traveling abroad. I’ll add that, when I’m in my flight gear, I need something slim and lightweight because the gear takes up a lot of space and need to fit secure on your body. 

Chris: Real important! My last wallet was made of imitation leather and fell apart rather quickly with normal wear and tear. My Allett’s construction impresses with its rugged feel, and gives me the confidence to bring it with me in all types of exposures.

Garrett: Very! As I touched on in the story of my last adventure, things can change quickly when you’re out there. As an adventurer you need to be prepared, and to expect the unexpected. Being able to keep your valuables on you in a slim, lightweight, and versatile wallet is priceless.  The Coin Wallet 2.0 is the perfect option for me.

Jake: Being a very active person I need to be able to rely on the equipment I use on a day-to-day basis. I need to be able to trust that all of the items in my wallet are going to be in there when I get to my next destination.  

Allett San Diego Military Members Cliff Jumping Slim wallets  

What makes your Allett wallet great for an adventurer like you?  

Justin: The RFID protection provides a degree of relief when traveling to other countries. It also saves space when I’m packing light for a trip. It also has style and taste for when I’m out on the town.

Chris: The fact that this wallet is so slim means it can go anywhere without being a burden. It takes up minimal pocket space, and allows me to carry all the essentials. Additionally, its durable build allows me to bring it anywhere without worry of it falling apart like other, cheaply made wallets.

Garrett: It’s slim, light, and has lots of storage. As much as I like going on adventures, I still have a day job Monday through Friday so it’s nice to have a wallet that I can use all day everyday.

Jake: In the past I’ve had to worry the cards that I carry slipping out of my wallet if I were to hold it wrong. That became very frustrating. To be able to finally trust my wallet is a huge relief.  

Would you recommend that other members of the armed forces carry an Allett wallet?  

Justin: Absolutely! I feel like the Allett wallets need to be in every military exchange.

Chris: Absolutely!

Garrett: Yes. Its slim design can be used in uniform and out. I would highly recommend this wallet.

Jake: Absolutely! Being in the armed forces, you are constantly in very demanding situations, and you need a wallet you can depend on. With the Allett wallet I never have to worry about whether or not my cards have slipped out. I open it with 100% confidence.  

San Diego Military Allett Slim Wallets  

What’s your next adventure, and do you plan to bring your Allett Wallet?  

Justin: I’m going to a music festival in Oregon followed by a backpacking trip through the mountains of Oregon. My Allett wallet will definitely be in my pocket with me at all times!

Chris: Backpacking trips to Catalina Island and possibly Utah are in the works, and I can confidently say that my slim wallet will be with me.

Garrett: I have a couple planned. I’ll be going on a Mediterranean cruise throughout Italy, Croatia, and Greece. On the heels of that trip I’ll also be sightseeing in Rome. In addition to that, I have adventure trips planned for Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and weekend excursions to multiple climbing sites in San Diego. My Allett wallet will be with me on every adventure from here on out.

Jake: My next adventure is a backpacking trip to Joshua Tree. I absolutely plan on bringing my Allett wallet. It goes everywhere with me if I’m leaving the house.


We would like to thank Justin, Chris, Garrett, and Jake for their service, and for sharing their thoughts with us. We wish you guys the best on your next great adventures, and appreciate you carrying Allett products. Enjoy the journey friends!


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