Should I Have More Than One Wallet? How Many and What Style or Color?

By Bridget Muscat

Updated August 07, 2019 @ 01:22PM

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 With today’s fashion trends changing by the minute and so much emphasis being put on our appearance, society can be seen to be based on ‘wants’ rather than needs!

Does this also apply to all sectors of our society you may be wondering? Or maybe you might be thinking whether functional items come under the banner of a fashion accessory? And if so, do you need to buy more than one functional item?

So let’s take a look below at the brief answer as to whether you should be buying or already own more than one wallet.

Should I Have More Than One Wallet?

You may need more than one wallet for a few reasons. Firstly, purely as a fashion accessory to coordinate with your wardrobe. Or you may also require different styles or colors of wallets dependent on the activities you are involved in. For instance, at the office, outdoor activities or traveling.

Now we’ve looked at the short answer, let’s look a little more closely into why you may need more than one wallet. Let’s begin by looking at men’s fashion and why men are purchasing more than ever before.


Are Men Interested in Fashion?

Previously, clothes and accessory shopping was an area dominated by the female demographic of the population. Women historically have had great expectations placed upon them to spend a large portion of their monthly salary on fashion items.

There has been much emphasis placed on women to match items such as bags and purses with their clothing. As the women’s fashion industry is worth billions of dollars, it’s easy to see why this portion of society feels obliged to keep up with the latest trends.

However, fashion for men is catching up in leaps and bounds in terms of how men see themselves related to the industry.

According to a survey by Boutique, a full 94 percent of men surveyed said they had a ‘defined’ sense of style.

Men see themselves as portraying an image more than ever before, so it stands to reason that many items, including functional ones such as bags, belts, and wallets are on the radar of the male population in terms of multiple purchases.


‘According to a survey by Boutique, a full 94 percent of men surveyed said they had a ‘defined’ sense of style.’


So, now we’ve seen that men are indeed an important part of the fashion industry and want to look stylish, including buying many functional items such as wallets and other accessories, let’s look at how the situation may have been previously.

‘I’ll just use one wallet until it falls apart.’


Before the fashion industry began to be more important to men, the above quote was most likely on the lips of many men across the globe.

Historically men were not as interested in keeping up with trends, so they may have just one wallet, used it until it disintegrated and then went on to purchase one in exactly the same color and style. Does this sound familiar?

For many men, matching their functional items such as belts and wallets was deemed excessive and unnecessary. It could also be deemed too time-consuming and difficult to manage to own multiple wallets.

This may have been in a time where the majority of men worked in trades or offices and most likely did not have the disposable income we’re lucky enough to have today.

With the rise of the millennials and other factors, men often have more flexible lifestyles. This leaves more freedom for enjoying extended and more frequent leisure pursuits, and other ways of working and living, where it’s more useful to buy quality wallets of different styles and materials which match more closely with everyday activities.


‘It is more useful to buy quality wallets of different styles and materials which match more closely with everyday activities.’


When More Wallets are Better Than One

When the way you spend your day doesn’t closely align with your hobbies or interests that are important to you, more than one wallet is a smart choice.

Let’s take a closer look below at some of the many reasons you may need more than one wallet and why Allett can provide you with the most stylish, well-crafted and elegant wallets to suit every occasion.



Maybe during the day, you project a more corporate look, where it is essential that the need arises for you to display  your wallet for any reason, such after-dinner work drinks with the Boss, or maybe even schmoozing your best customers with dinner at a top restaurant, you want to be assured that your wallet reflects the rest of your well-groomed and professional appearance. 

Maybe you need a divided pocket to separate your cash and to keep your all-important business expense receipts. 

You may also be one of the new breeds of entrepreneurs who surf chic and trendy coffee shops during the day, building your empire and looking for a smart but light wallet to include in your leather laptop bag when out and about growing your entrepreneur business.

Our fabulous handcrafted Nappa leather slim wallets are perfect to project a smart and elegant professional look.


Offered in three elegant colors:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Black

These super stylish luxury wallets are lightweight and have a nylon interior to wick away any moisture. They’re a perfect choice for a busy professional or anyone who is looking for a sleek and coordinated day or evening look.


‘Allett can provide you with the most stylish, well-crafted and elegant wallets to suit every occasion.’



Maybe you are out with colleagues at networking events, meetings with customers or even if you run a hobby business in your spare time, having a wallet to keep the important details of new potential clients can be the difference between catching up with them again or leaving their details on a coffee shop or conference table!

Our neat, lightweight, handcrafted leather business card holder is just the thing! It holds up to 40 business cards, so masses of space for all your important contacts!

Allett RFID blocking card holder

These stylish business cardholders can also be used as a mini wallet too, and also has space for 8 credit/debit cards and extra room for folded notes. They’re super slim and also have RFID technology for added security.

Also available in a stunning range of colors, and also available in nylon if you’re looking for a more relaxed finish.


Outdoor Activities

Maybe you spend your weekends or downtime from your business venture in your ‘other life’ as a serious Adrenaline junkie! enjoying outdoor pursuits such as off-roading, snowboarding, mountain biking or even ultra-intense activities such as bouldering, surfing skydiving or even B.A.S.E jumping! You can guarantee you’ll be working up a sweat!

When you’re giving it your all in outdoor conditions, you need to be certain your important wallet contents are protected from all kinds of harsh climates and weather conditions.  

Our all-weather water-resistant nylon wallets are exactly what you have been waiting for.

Slim Sport Wallet Allett

They’re made from water and sweat-resistant fabric and are right up there as our flagship ‘thinnest wallet to date.

Weighing in at a mere 0.3 ounces and includes a tear-resistant feature, Allett sports wallets are perfect for the kinds of wet, busy, hardcore and downright dirty downtime activities you are involved in!

Just enough space for up to 10 id and credit cards and a single cash pocket, giving you the lightest wallet imaginable and all you need on your high voltage sporting activities.


‘Allett sport wallets are perfect for the kinds of wet, busy, hardcore and downright dirty downtime activities you are involved in!’



Today’s cultured and stylish man may also find himself traveling more in his spare time, so he may find it necessary to keep his personal ID docs and other items safe and secure. Traveling with your personal items such as a passport secure in its own custom-designed wallet is the most stylish and secure solution.

Allett passport holders are a perfect choice every time. Our RFID Passport wallet holder, in black leather, has everything covered for when you want to be super stylish when traveling... Why not coordinate them with your coin wallets for an effortlessly groomed look.

Passport Holder RFID Blocking Allett

This fabulous travel accessory can be paired with a micro-pen for any last-minute business you need to attend to. They’re made from the softest and luxurious leather. They are as always, super slim, for lightweight travel experience and are also available in an RFID option for added security.  


‘Allett passport holders are a perfect choice every time.’



We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on some of the reasons you may need more than just the one wallet.

Make sure you spend some time browsing through our stunning range of slim, stylish wallets, handcrafted here in San Diego. If you need any help choosing your wallet or any more information on any of our products. Get in touch with us at Allett and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

Allett Slim Wallets leather rfid



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