Why Is a Wallet Important? History and Modern Man’s Choices!

By Bridget Muscat

Updated September 06, 2019 @ 03:44PM

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In our ultra fast-paced modern world, there are many reasons why owning an intelligently designed, sleek leather or ultra-slim nylon wallet are so important to today’s practical, minimalist and fashion-conscious man.

Wallets can be a way of demonstrating your taste, showing how you live your life and also not forgetting how important they are for your security and keeping your important documents safe.


First, let’s start by looking at the short answer as to why you need a wallet.

Why is a Wallet Important?

It’s important to have a wallet for several reasons. A wallet is important to keep all your personal belongings, travel documents, money and cards protected from theft, damage or weather exposure. It is also a great accessory that can help to define your style and be part of your image.

Now we’ve seen why it’s important to own a wallet, let’s take a look below at some important reasons to make sure every time you do a little retail therapy, backpack to an exciting country, travel on business or even preparing for a weekend away trail running. It’s important to have a stylish, expertly crafted, quality wallet to keep your important documents, money, and cards safe and sound.

To begin with, let’s take a look at the history of how this significant accessory came to be such an indispensable item in every man's wardrobe.

The Importance of Wallets Throughout The Ages.

Wallets are an important home for identification cards, cash, important documents such as passports or driver's license and other handy items.

They are now available in so many different designs, sizes, and materials from beautiful quality soft leather, to modern nylon styles which are perfect for protecting your important documents against the elements in the great outdoors.


Whether it’s a slim and sleek modern wallet or a bi-fold style, or one which has extra security in the form of RFID technology, a wallet is the one accessory that men always pick up on their way out to start their day.

Simple Designs and Social Change

Modern wallets have become such a necessity that many people take them for granted. The wallets we know today have evolved from simple designs that were conceived many centuries ago. 

The basic idea of having an accessory to carry important items and currency dates back many years. This staple item in your wardrobe has grown and developed with every generation.

Due to social change, technology improvements and all the reasons why our lives have changed, wallets have needed to develop to keep up with the needs of modern man. As time progresses, we continue to see vast improvements in design, functionality, and materials which are more fitting for today’s contemporary man.


“Wallets we know today have evolved from simple designs that were conceived many centuries ago.’


Now we’ve seen that wallets began their life as a necessity for holding currency, let’s take a brief look at when they were first prominently used.

When Were Wallets First Used?

Wallets have appeared throughout history as far back as the Archaic period, though their appearance and use were quite different. Wallets at this time are history resembled a small knapsack.

They were made from leather hide. These small sacks were made for carrying many important items, including food. They had drawstrings to keep things secure and were usually attached to belts.

Let’s take a look at how wallets have changed, and developed style-wise to become important in the way we live our modern lives and the origins of the first wallets as we know them.

The Bifold Wallet

This modern wallet has humble beginnings that date back to the late 1600s. Shortly after the introduction of paper currency in 1690, a basic version of the bifold was created and contained only a small pocket for identification, which was an added extra to the main currency pocket.

Also referred to as a billfold, these wallets are one of the most commonly used in the world. They are simple in design and contain the main pocket for paper currency and other slots to store cards.

The design of the bifold wallet was refined in the 1950s after credit cards were popularized. This version is the one most men are familiar with. It contains numerous card slots on either side. Since its infancy, it has become a standard across the world.

Some designs also include additional ways to store photos, important documents, and even loose coins. The name bi-fold comes from the basic design. It folds down the middle which results in paper currency being folded in half.


“The bulky bi-fold wallet with many stacking credit card pockets has become less attractive to modern men due to its bulkiness ”


Now we’ve looked at how the bifold was the first kind of modern wallet, let’s see why today’s busy modern man is looking for an alternative.

Why Thick Bi-Fold Wallets Have Lost Favor

Bi-folds were the original wallet design. As lives have become more active, the thick bi-fold due to its bulkiness has become less attractive to modern men who are living more active lives which require a slimmer, sleeker design.

Usually stored in the back pocket, thick bi-fold wallets are quite prominent and vulnerable to theft, which is another important reason why today’s man prefers a slimmer style. Security has become much more important in recent years with criminals finding many new ways to steal money and other documents.

What Kind of Wallets Are Important Now?

Today’s uber busy, fashion-conscious and security-aware man knows how important it is to own a minimalistic, slim, well-crafted wallet. One that ensures the protection of money, cards and other documents from weather conditions, damage and also from potential security threats.

With the advancement of banking technology, fewer men are now focused on cash. Cards are mainly used for shopping and banking, both on and offline. This kind of social change calls for a new vision on traditional wallet design. 

Simple wallets are quickly becoming the norm. The main aim of ultra-slim wallets to keep things light and avoid having to carry any unnecessary bulk. Today's wallets also provide the ever-important stylish good looks of beautifully crafted leather or modern waterproof and sweat resistant colored nylon combined with the extra security of RFID technology.


“Today’s uber busy, fashion-conscious, and security-aware man knows how important it is to own a stylish, slim, well-crafted wallet”

How Allett Understands The Importance of Wallets

Here at Allett, our expert team has worked tirelessly to create our patented design to create a wallet that stays slim regardless of its contents. Our whole ethos is designed to focus on the important wallet requirements of today’s contemporary men.

Not only do we design for a minimal carry, but we also design for practical use. This means you don't have to leave all your important items at home to achieve a slim wallet. It also means you can expect to love your wallet for a lot of years. Our slim wallets come in many shapes and sizes with features like RFID blocking technology. If you cram your Allett to capacity, it’ll still be thinner than a normal wallet when it’s empty.

We pride ourselves on our unique designs and choice of high-quality materials. Our talented designers and craftsmen give their time and expertise daily at our San Diego, California Factory. Our painstaking hours of research and development to ensure our wonderfully crafted products are the best possible solution to your wallet needs.

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