How Much Should I Spend on a Wallet? Needs, Style and Price, a Guide

It seems it’s not only women who are spending money on building their accessory wardrobe! According to research undertaken by Globenewswire. By 2022, men's accessories are looking to be worth a cool 80.1 billion dollars.

It seems male members of our population are spending more and more of their hard-earned dollars on making sure they are looking stylish and co-ordinated.

Under the banner of ‘accessories,’ there are many items, many of them also functional with which to consider parting with a portion of your monthly salary.

This could include items such as:

This might lead you to wonder how much you should feasibly spend on keeping up to date with the latest trends - and moreover, how much should you spend on one of the most important items in your wardrobe, your wallet? So let’s take a look at the short answer below before we delve a little deeper.

How much should you spend on your wallet? Wallets come in many designs, sizes and materials, and have many different functionalities, such as for holding cash, business cards or ID documents.  You will always get what you pay for in terms of quality and craftsmanship, so make sure you buy one which fits with your budget and requirements. 

Ok, so now we’ve seen that there are many factors which can help you decide on how much money to spend on picking the right wallet, or wallets for your needs. Let’s look into the functionality of your wallet as this is one one of the main things to consider when deciding his much to spend on your wallet.

What is it exactly you want your wallet to do? This way, you can look at your budget and weigh that up against what you want your wallet to do for you and the quality you’re looking for.


What do I want my wallet to do?

Before you can decide on the amount of money you need to spend on a wallet, you need to decide how you are going to use your wallet on a day to day basis.

Simple, stylish wallet to hold cards and cash

It could be you simply want a basic classic, slim leather wallet for cash and cards that is made of beautiful lightweight leather but are looking at keeping a close eye on how much you are spending.

It seems like a dream come true. Right? Well, if you take a look at one of our best selling wallets below, this is the kind of wallet that ticks every box! This smart, durable and stylish slim coin wallet is currently a steal! And we guarantee it will be perfect for your needs if you are looking for fabulous quality, but don’t want to break the bank on how much you’re spending on your wallet. 


This super slim wallet comes in 2 colors, black and on-trend chocolate brown, a perfect price to have one in each color!  It has loads of space for up to 24 cards, an all-important zipped pocket for your spare coins, and as an added extra little luxury, it is made of beautifully light Nappa leather.

The perfect choice if you need to keep a watchful eye on your budget and aren’t looking to spend too much on your wallet, but are looking for a fabulous, functional and stylish accessory.

Now we’ve looked at how much you should spend when you simply need your wallet to hold your cash, cards and coins, let’s take a look at some other considerations.

Some wallets may have extra features that may be important to you, so you may be looking at spending a little more to make sure your requirements are fully met. For example, you may want the extra security which comes with an RFID wallet.

I need extra security for my wallet

One of the fastest-growing crimes in the USA is identity theft. According to the Federal Trade Commission, it’s estimated that a whopping Nine million Americans have had their identities stolen each year.

The sad news of these shocking statistics is that Credit card fraud was most prevalent in identity theft cases. More than 167,000 people reported fraudulent credit card accounts opened with their information.

So, how much do you have to spend on your wallet, to give you the peace of mind knowing you have done all you can to protect your credit cards?

If security is important to you, we recommend looking at spending between $55 and $75 on a wallet, to make sure you are doing all you can to protect yourself from this growing form of identity theft.

Our stylish RFID ID Wallet is just the thing!

Minimalist thin leather mens wallets by Allett

Allett RFID wallets are lined with military-grade RFID blocking material. This lining is so slim, it’s completely undetectable and is guaranteed to block up to 3000mhz and provide outstanding security and quality. At $60 this is a perfect investment to make sure you are fully protected.

Now we’ve seen how much you should spend on a wallet where security is an important consideration, let’s take a look at another option for how you want your wallet to work for you when you are wondering about how much to spend.


‘Some wallets may have extra features which may be important to you, so

you may be looking at spending a little more’


I just want a wallet to hold my cards

When you’re thinking about how much to spend on your wallet, it maybe you only need a simple function such as holding your cards. If this is your only need, then it’s probably not a good idea to spend a large amount on a wallet with multiple functions.

We recommend a spend of between $40 and $55 if you just need to make sure you have your cards handy and safely stashed away.

Many men simply need a beautifully crafted, simple leather card holder for a more minimalist look. You might simply be looking to spend enough money to buy a holder which is light, slim and fits perfectly in any pocket.

Our Leather Cardholder with RFID protection may be just what you’re looking for!

Slim RFID Blocking Card Holder by Allett - made in California 

Our fabulous Leather Card Holder is made out of gorgeous lightweight vegetable-tanned leather and is our smallest and most convenient wallet. It has a nifty little feature of a front-facing exposed slant pocket for the cards you use more frequently, and an interior pull out tab for your less used cards. Added with our RFID security technology it has everything you need to hold your cards safely and stylishly. 

This beautifully crafted card holder is available in a glorious range of colors, so why not have more than one to coordinate with your changing moods and styles. It’s a super price too at just under $55 so perfect for when you need to make sure both budget, style and functionality is a consideration when deciding how much to spend on your wallet.

And finally...

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how much to spend when you are looking at buying a wallet. Wallets are an important part of your everyday life, so it’s always recommended that you take many factors into account when deciding how much to spend.

Just make sure you understand exactly what purpose you want to use your wallet for, so you can ensure you get one which perfectly fits your needs. Make sure you visit our store to find our huge range of the most superbly crafted, hand-finished selection of stylish and on-trend wallets.

Micro-Pen for your slim wallet by Allett


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