When To Change Your Wallet? Why And What to Change To: A Style Guide

By Andrew Bartz

Updated September 11, 2019 @ 03:39PM

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Many of us grow attached to certain belongings. We've all had that pair of shoes that we kept several months or even years, past their prime, or maybe an old faithful coat that we've worn probably a little too long.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to part ways with our favorite accessories. One such item that some men hold on to for far too long is their wallet. Sometimes wallets can also hold sentimental value, as they make a fabulous milestone gift for special occasions.

However, your first wallet isn’t going to last forever! So in this article, we are going to look at some of the many reasons you may need to change your wallet, things to remember when you are moving over wallets, and finally.

When Should I Change My Wallet?

There is a range of important reasons that you should consider changing your wallet, ranging from your old wallet is worn and tired, right through to you are looking to upgrading to an RFID wallet. It may also be that your old wallet is too bulky or you have had a lifestyle change.

So, even if your wallet was a very dear gift or very expensive indulgence, sometimes you have to know when to let it go. Now we’ve seen the short answer as to when you may need to buy a new wallet, let’s look a little more in-depth below to discover if you need to change your wallet.

I Don't Have A Wallet

Carrying around loose cash and cards in your pocket is not a great way of protecting your important finances and not to mention a security risk. However,  some men have decided to go with this method historically but could be realizing that carrying around your important ID documents and driver’s license in random pockets will eventually end in disaster. 

At this point, they may seek out a minimalistic style, well-crafted wallet to make sure they are protected from the possibility of losing these important items.

It goes without saying that keeping important credit cards and cash in your pants or jacket pocket is also a recipe for loss. Needless to say, pulling out wads of crumpled cash when you are trying to impress a new boss or girlfriend isn’t the best image to project!

My Wallet Has Worn Out

You are at the store and pull out your old battered wallet. You notice some of your important credit cards are peeking out and have started to wear a hole in your pants pocket! Does this sound like you?

It’s easy to forget about the importance of a fully functioning wallet when our daily lives are so busy, but maybe the day you realize that important piece of ID such as your driver's license has slipped out of your wallet, that you realize it’s time to change it!

It Was My First Wallet

We know that many men’s wallets can be so dated that they may actually be the first wallet they were ever given, back in 6th grade!

Some men own wallets that wouldn’t look out of place being carried by a child. Are you one of those men, whose wallets may be dayglo green, or have Mickey Mouse or Scooby Do transfers on them? Come on, own up. You've hopefully matured a bit since you got that wallet!

Slim Leather Mens Original Wallet by Allett

Maybe it’s time to upgrade and change your wallet to one a little more grown-up or stylish, such as an ultra-slim stylish leather original wallet. This elegant and stylish Nappa leather wallet is offered in three classic colors, so we know you will find one perfect for you.

This Uber stylish wallet holds up to 24 cards and is just so light at only 1.2 ounces. The moisture-wicking nylon interior keeps your belongings and cash dry, clean and protected.

My Old Wallet Is Too Thick

Are you one of the many whose wallets are too thick to walk or sit comfortably. Having a wallet that bulges out of your pocket is unsightly, and it can also wear holes in your clothes. It's too easy to cram your wallet will receipts, old theatre tickets, even the odd nail or screw which has accidentally sneaked in! Until your wallet is crammed so full it’s starting to become a liability to carry around.

If you’re having this problem, it could be time to change to a slimmer wallet. 

The idea behind our famous patented design was to make a wallet that stays slim regardless of its contents. We have carried this philosophy through every single one of our product designs.

Not only do we design for a minimal carry, but we also design to give you the most practical wallets possible. This means you don't have to ditch everything you carry to achieve a slim wallet. We also know you are going to love your wallet for many years to come.

Our super slim wallets come in many shapes and sizes with features like RFID blocking technology. Even if your Allet is full to capacity, it’ll still be thinner than a normal wallet when it’s empty.


“Not only do we design for a minimal carry, but we also design to give you
the most practical wallets possible.”


I Want To Make A Fashion Statement

You may be the owner of a scruffy old beaten up wallet which really isn’t going to project the image of a stylish man who has an overall polished or groomed look.

So, you may be thinking about changing your wallet if you are looking to upgrade to a more fashion or style-conscious item. Unfortunately, many people do tend to give the purchase of their wallets little thought and can often end up owning a wallet that does very little image-wise for its owner.

When you want to coordinate your wallet with the rest of your look, it may be time to ditch the old one and purchase afresh.

Maybe you’ve given yourself a new haircut, grown a hipster beard or even given your overall image a complete overhaul. When you have spent time, effort and finances on creating a new look for yourself, it could be just the time to change your wallet.

I’ve Changed My Lifestyle

Maybe your beaten up old nylon wallet worked for you when you spent a lot of time outdoors or indulging in your favorite extreme sports such as coasteering, off-roading or even hang-gliding! But maybe you’ve just nailed the high flying job of your dreams and that scruffy old wallet just won’t cut it anymore!

Maybe you will need to spend more time schmoozing important clients, or your direct managers on a regular basis and just can’t be seen picking up the bar tab at after-work drinks with your old, possibly falling apart, ancient wallet! 

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new one to reflect your new status in life, and make sure you apply a holistic approach to your image, by maintaining a whole look that works for you!

I Want The Protection Of An RFID Wallet

You could be considering changing your wallet to take advantage of RFID technology to give all your personal ID documents extra protection. With ID theft currently at an all-time high and set to increase, If you’re considering transitioning to a more secure type of wallet, now is the time.


“You could be considering changing your wallet to take advantage of RFID technology to give all your personal ID documents extra protection.”


Now that we’ve explored a few of the many important reasons you need to change your wallet, you may be wondering what you need to do in order to make the transition of changing your wallet. Let’s take a look below.

What Do I Need To Do When I Change My Wallet?

So your new wallet has arrived! Firstly make sure you empty all the old receipts and papers from your old one. Make sure you cast an eye over the contents as obviously you kept them for a reason. It may be any old paperwork contained in your old wallet is simply ready for the trash, but double-check. It may be you’ve got a receipt for an important evening out you are yet to go on or even a receipt for a new item of white goods that you’ve stored away for safekeeping.

You might also find some dollar bills stashed between the paper. So give all your receipts the once over before finally throwing them away.

Once you’ve cleared out all of your old paperwork and shaken out the dust, use this find to overhaul the cards you carry around. Are you still holding on to an old DIY store card from a city you no longer live in? Or maybe the loyalty card from a coffee shop that no longer exists.

Once you have safely disposed of any old cards, it’s time to load up your new stylish wallet and you are ready to go!


If you’re in any of the situations listed above, the great news is that if you browse our online store, we know you find a superb replacement wallet. Our artisan specialists craft wallets of the highest quality in soft luxurious leather, or maybe even a more sporty nylon type with inclusive RFID technology to give you, your cash, cards and security documents all important theft protection.

We also stock a range of the thinnest and refined leather wallets in rich earthy tones and premium quality materials such as canvas and eco-friendly veg-tan leather. Perfect to upgrade your wallet and perfect for a special gift.

 Allett Slim RFID Security Wallets

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