What Kind of Wallet Should I Get? A Guide And Reference Table

By Bridget Muscat

Updated October 01, 2019 @ 03:12PM

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From stylish soft leather extra thin wallets, waterproof sports wallets for your high impact adventuring, practical and stylish passport holders to keep your travel documents, important Identification wallets convenient with added RFID protection, or a commuter wallet for keeping your bus cards safe and accessible.

Maybe you have a wealth of business contacts and need a functional but impressive holder for when you are entertaining clients or if you are simply looking for a coin wallet, it can be a difficult decision which style of wallet to go for. 

In this article, we will help you to choose the best wallet - or wallets for your needs.  Let’s start by looking at the short answer as to the kind of wallet you should choose. Who’s better to answer this question than the modern wallet makers themselves!

What Wallet Should I Get?

When making a decision about the kind of wallet to buy, firstly, you need to decide the situations your wallet is going to be used for, consider your budget and decide the level of quality you would like. Do some research into the kinds of styles available and finally make your choice.

Now we’ve taken a look at the short answer as to choosing a suitable wallet, let’s look at some of the important points of each style to help you decide which wallet - or wallets fits your needs best.

These include all the classic styles, and also specific types of wallets such as a commuter wallet (who knew?), which is perfect to streamline your daily shuttle to the office. But first, here are some back to basics ideas for you to understand the latest wallet types.

Different Parts Of A Wallet

Just in case you didn’t know, we’ve outlined the main different areas of the wallet and what can go in them in the image below.




There are other areas too, the complete list of different parts is below too. This will at least make it clearer what areas are a priority for you. 

  • Numerous Credit Card Sized Card Slots
  • Receipts & Business Cards in the interior compartments
  • Cash & Receipts fit in the main compartment too
  • Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold connecting clip
  • Coin Zipper compartment
  • RFID Protection within the fabric
  • Passport slots
  • Boarding slots
  • Checkbook size holder
  • Micro-Pen Pocket

The Different Styles Of Wallet Available

There are a number of different shapes, sizes, and purposes behind any wallet. Most will have a multifunction approach so they can be used for more than one purpose. But often they have one over-riding - or main function.

Here’s we’ll summarize the different types available on the market for men. Many of these are class tried-and-tested designs we ourselves adopt in our designs.

Bi-fold Wallet

The most popular and classic wallet, straightforward and multipurpose for daily and general use designed for every day lives. Usually including the ability to hold Multiple Cards, Cash and even receipts

They’re not all the same, however, they come in various colors (obviously) and sizes, depending on various nuances they might have, for example, they could have single cash pocket or potentially divided cash pockets - so you can keep your receipts, or large bills separate from your other cash


  • General all-purpose design
  • Fairly slim design - so no bulky wallet in your pocket
  • Never looks out of place

Tri-fold Wallet

You wouldn’t be far wrong by calling the Tri-Fold an extension of the Bi-Fold wallet. Extended in more ways than one, in that it has more storage space for numerous cards. Ours can hold up to 24 credit sized cards.

Naturally, this makes the Tri-fold wallet generally a heavier wallet and when crammed with your favorite Coffee shop tokens as well it can get pretty thick. Below we’ll discuss the best times this wallet comes in useful.


  • Extra storage space
  • More Compartments can mean room for things like a spare key!
  • Suitable for most occasions

Slim Wallet

Slim wallets are a more recent invention, borne out of the need for more ‘Pocket ready’ wallets to carry around daily, with less use of cash and more room moved over to card usage.

Some are still in a standard style case, while others are slimmed down to the point of almost just being a money band or could potentially pass as more of a Credit Cardholder.


  • Slim style means less clutter
  • Easy to carry around
  • Easy access

Sports Wallet

Designed for fast action on the go, the sports wallet is styled with sport in mind but also as a hard-wearing front-pocket wallet, so they can be used for everyday use. The main feature includes a material that wicks moisture away from the body to prevent over sweating while it’s in your pocket.


  • Compact design
  • Wick away Sweat
  • Hard-wearing

Coin Wallet

For those who deal with change a fair chunk of the time, or like to keep their coins with the rest of their currency, the coin wallet is an ideal choice. Often zipped or having a zipped area, like ours. Easy to keep a good number of coins, and even cash and some come with a card slot. But also a good place to tuck a spare key too.


  • Avoids pockets full of coins
  • Has card and note slots
  • An easy zip, or spring steel closure

Travel Wallet / Passport Wallet

Built with either the frequent overseas traveler or the commuter in mind. Still holds cards and your cash, but often with a convenient slot for your passport and/or boarding pass. With a slightly larger size to comfortably accommodate them all and usually folding for easy access.


  • The larger size to fit those larger documents
  • Convenient compartments for all usual wallet items

Cardholder Wallet

Don’t deal with cash much? Not usually traveling far? Then a Card-holder Wallet might be the way to go. Small, in fact mostly slightly larger than credit card size. Usually with sufficient slots for cards and easy slip out card access. Plus usually able to hold a couple of dollar bills in there too just in case!


  • Easy access for credit cards
  • Simple design
  • No room for clutter

Wallet Materials

Wallet material has become a lot more advanced in recent years. But the classic still remains a strong, timeless favorite. Here we’re going to discuss the three main materials taking the lion share of purchases in the wallet market.


The main-stay of the wallet world. Still a favorite among men for its style, the way that it gets better as it ages, it’s endurance ability through years of repeated use, and for that natural leather aroma. It's tough to beat a leather wallet for pure style accessorizing.


But, going head to head with leather is the versatile Nylon. A hard-wearing man-made fabric that has other waterproofing and slim material qualities. Color can also vary wildly, as can the seam colors and styles too. Long-lasting and lightweight, nylon wallets offer a vegan wallet alternative to people in search of a high-quality non-leather vegan wallet. 

Veg-Tan Leather

Veg-Tan leather is a non-toxic leather tanned with natural vegetable tannins. Veg-tan leather avoids the use of many of the chemicals used in a chromium tanning process. Veg-tan leather is processed like the old days using a natural tanning process that incorporates bark and berries among other natural substances to color the leather. Soft and long-lasting, this naturally radiant leather is available in a variation of colors and textures.

RFID Wallets

Radio Frequency Identification” wallets put you on the safe side. In this technologically advanced world, with more sophisticated theft techniques being used. It pays to be the most secure you can be. So why leave your card security to chance. Radio Frequency Theft is always an option that thieves can take up and opt for an RFID wallet that can prevent any theft from electronic devices and give you peace of mind. To find out more, read our article about RFID and what it protects.

What To Consider When Choosing What Sort Of Wallet To Get

Soon we’re going to take you through a few scenarios that may help, but when considering which wallet to get, ask yourself a few vital questions.

How Long Do You Want Your Wallet To Last?

It’s probably fair to say you’ve had your old wallet for a few years. Given the daily torment that we put them through that’s a fair time for a wallet to hold out for. So it pays to go for a quality wallet that’s going to last for a few years more.

well-worn wallet-allett nylon original wallet after 12 years

What Style Of Wallet Do You Want?

So which wallet is best for you? What look do you want to achieve, what goes well with your fashion sense and style? Plus, what do you want your wallet to say about you?

Try and find a wallet or more than one that fits your style and personality well!

That brings us nicely to take a look at what types of wallets suit different situations and lifestyles. Here we’re going to go through some popular lifestyles that suit wallet use ...and we’ll draw on our wealth of experience as a wallet manufacturer.

Classic Slim Wallet For Your Easy Everyday Use

 One of the most traditional styles of wallet to keep all your daily important items, such as cards, cash bills, and important receipts is a classic slimmer wallet.

slim wallet-minimalist-front-pocket-wallet-Allett


The ingenious design of these super slim wallets means you don’t have to compromise on dimensions if you’re looking for a more compact sized wallet for your needs.

These wallets are a perfect choice if you’re looking to minimize the bulk of change, notes, and cards in your pockets and, let’s be honest who isn’t? Perfect for work-based networking events, as these wallets often contain a business cardholder. 

“The ingenious design of these super slim wallets means you don’t have to compromise on dimensions if you are looking for a more compact sized wallet.”

Here at Allett, we’re proud to say our fabulous classic slim wallet design is ...officially ‘the world’s slimmest wallet!’ Our buttery soft Nappa leather wallets hold up to 20 cards, with its own inventive design, in which credit cards are stacked, rather than be stored in a staggered fashion as in traditional wallets, which can make them prone to cracking or quickly wearing.

This perfectly simple, but innovative design is a prime choice if you usually max out the capacity of your wallet and are looking to keep your budget in check, along with the benefits of a craftsman made, uber stylish and quality wallet.

Now let’s take a look below if perhaps you travel a lot for either work or pleasure and require your wallet to be harder working, plus the advantages of added security.

Travel Wallets with RFID security - For The Man On The Go

For those of you who travel frequently, an important consideration is a perfect place to keep your cards, passport and ID documents safe, secure and easily accessible on business flights, family vacations or even backpacking around Europe.

Many travel wallets contain areas for you to store your important credit cards, a clear window for your IDs, such as a driver's license and a perfectly sized holder for your passport. Along with this, there’s the added security available from RFID technology, which secures your important documents against the possibility of theft.


Our ergonomic and craftsman designed travel wallet is perfect for your needs. Some travel wallets RFID security is presented in the form of a foil strip, which isn’t the most attractive or secure!

But here at Allett, our beautifully designed secured wallets have the security of RFID cleverly included in the wallets internal fabric of copper and nickel.


“Our ergonomic and craftsman designed travel wallet is perfect for your needs.”


The wonderfully soft and stylish travel wallet has a well designed deep pocket added to keep your boarding pass and travel documents safe and easily to hand, a shallower pocket which is perfect for your international cash currency, plus a super clever nylon interior across the whole wallet which prevents any moisture from leaking into your important travel documentation.

Weighing in at an uber light 1.7 ounces, it’s perfect for backpacking or any journey where you prefer to travel light!

Take a look below at a review by walletguy, Steve Montelli on YouTube and see for yourself the benefits of this thoughtfully designed wallet - guaranteed to make your travel more streamlined and secure.


Sports Wallets For That Hard-Wearing Tough Appeal

Those of you who like the thrill of adventure and spend your downtime and weekends out in the open air, with like-minded people enjoying the challenge of pitting your wits against man and nature, need a different kind of wallet to keep your cash and cards safe from the wind, rain.

And, for those winter sports lovers among you, more extreme conditions such as snow. You need to have your wallet useful, functional, stylish and accessible for that well-deserved beer at the end of a long day battling the elements.

Sports wallets are designed for this exact activity in mind. Thoughtfully designed with the minimal protection required to completely secure your important cash and credit cards.




If sports are your thing, you may consider a sports wallet, which is usually small enough to fit in your front pocket. Often made of nylon or natural leather with nylon lining, to give as much weather protection as possible. Added features such as leather grips to keep your cards from sliding out, should be on your list of priorities.

Our Allett mule tri-fold wallet is the perfect answer as to which kind of wallet you should get!


“You need to have your wallet useful, functional, stylish and accessible for that well-deserved beer at the end of a long day battling the elements.”


This perfectly designed wallet which can hold up to 12 cards is available in sumptuous vegetable-tanned leather or in a fabulous array of colors in a nylon finish.

Made here by our expert craftsmen in San Diego, California, this clever wallet has space to store your cash, coins, and a useful ID window. The added protection of RFID technology is another bonus, along with the useful tri-fold design to give you that extra layer of protection.

Commuter Wallet For Convenience

Everyone knows how busy and frantic the morning commute can be. Running out of the door with barely time to grab a bowl of cereal or stop for a coffee as you join the daily throngs of the rest of the world on a mission to get to the office.

If you are traveling on public transport, it’s even more important you are organized and have your daily requirements such as bus passes and ID documents ready to hand. It’s imperative to have a wallet that’s right for you if you want a head start on your busy working day.


“It’s imperative to have a wallet that’s right for you if you want a head

start on your busy working day.”


Wallets with a clearly defined useful space to store all your important docs to start your day as you mean to go on are crucial.

This is where the Allett Coin wallet comes to save the day!


commuter wallet for daily travel coin pocket slim rfid blocking card wallet Allett


A clever little zipped coin wallet, a hidden pocket for your ID and bus passes plus finished in superior tanned leather or hard-working nylon is just the thing to keep your mornings super-efficient and organized.

It’s ingeniously designed with four side-by-side pockets to allow up to 5 cards, giving a total capacity of 20 cards, within its slim exterior.

The divided cash or receipt holder gives another layer of versatility for any other necessary paperwork or important bills. 

The Commuter is built with four side-by-side pockets, each allowing up to 5 cards per pocket to give a total holding capacity of up to 20 cards. The perfect choice to keep your day on track.

Wallet Quick View Reference Guide

Still can’t make up your mind? Or need a helpful summary? Then our quick reference wallet guide table below showing a variety of wallets types is your final check before making your purchase


Wallet Quick Reference Guide

Wallet Type

Cards Slots

Size (IN)

Wt (oz)

Other Info

Leather Original Slim


5 x 3.9 x .22


Nappa, Moisture Wicking

Nylon Original Slim


5 x 3.8 x .19


Tear Resistant, 100% Vegan

Leather Sport


3 x 3.9 x .2


Nappa, Moisture Wicking

Nylon Sport


3 x 3.75 x .15


Moisture Wicking, Tear Res

Leather ID Wallet


3.5 x 4.0 x .24


Nappa, M-Wicking, ID Pocket

Nylon ID Wallet


4 x3.7/16 x .23


M-Wick, Tear Res, ID Pocket

Nylon Small Coin


3.3 x 3.9 x .B12


M-Wick, Tear Res, Coin Zipper

Lux Original


5.2 x 3.9 x .31


Italian Veg-Tan, Mois- Resist

Lux Sport Wallet


3.1 x 3.9 x .28


RFID Protection, Nappa Leath

Leather Travel


5.6 x 4.4 x .22


Nappa, M-Wick, Board-Pass


And Finally...

Choosing a wallet is, of course, all down to personal preference, but we hope there are some great ideas and considerations in this article, to help you get the right wallet.

Ready to replace your wallet? Visit our store to see our range of craftsmen led, unique wallets. Think beautiful and stylish buttery Nappa and environmentally friendly vegetable-dyed soft leather finishes, coupled with innovative design and all the security you require from RFID technology.

Not to mention our 30-day money-back guarantee, if you’re not entirely satisfied. Plus the added peace of mind that it's backed with our warranty.


  • Really wish you guys would bring back the international wallets. There isn’t an option right now for larger foreign bills and two cash pockets in that compact size. I’m dreading the day when my leather international falls apart/gets lost and I can’t replace it!

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