Wallets for College Students: Best Wallets for Combining Style with Functionality in Campus Life

By Veronica Eisner

Updated September 15, 2023 @ 08:02AM

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Going to college comes with a lot of changes. For most, it’s their first time living on their own, their first time responsible for their own success, and their first time caring for themselves. Within these changes are smaller needs that affect our day to day life. One example of this is your choice in wallet. 

Once we’re in college, our wallet matters more. While we may still be “broke college students,” we are handling money on a regular basis, carrying a variety of cards (for example, student IDs, cafeteria cards, a credit card, and a driver’s license), and often in need of a way to carry cash.

But it’s also college. Wallets for students don’t need to be able to handle dozens of credit cards, business cards, and other items. In addition, most college students today care about fashion readiness – taking photos with friends, dressing up appropriately for school, and getting used to all-day campus life.

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What Makes a Good Student Wallet?

With that in mind, let’s talk about what makes an ideal wallet for students, to get an understanding of what college students are most likely to need or want in a wallet:

  • Minimalist – Student wallets do not need to have 8 pockets, multiple card holders, and other design elements. Students do not have dozens of cards to carry, and need a variety of features to help them manage their items. They just need something small and minimalist that will address their most likely needs, and do so in a way that will match any outfit so that they do not need multiple wallets. 
  • Slim – Most students are sitting in their classes for hours at a time. That means that you need a wallet that fits in your front pocket. You can’t have a back pocket wallet, which will hurt your back over time if you continue to sit on it, and – even if you put a wallet in a purse or back, you’re likely not sitting there with a lot of extra space. Slim wallets also look nicer in shorts and pants, limiting the amount of wallet bulge. Slim wallets are a must for students. 
  • Breathable – Students are often busy all day. They’re sitting in class, or running to meet up with friends, or out late dancing at a local venue. For those reasons, it is often a good idea to at least consider either a breathable fabric, like nylon, or a soft fabric, like a thin leather. This will make it more comfortable to have the wallet on you all day. 
  • Long Lasting – At minimum, a student is going to be using their wallet throughout all of college. No one wants to buy multiple nice wallets when they’re already forced to eat ramen. Quality construction is important, both for looks and for longevity.
  • Sleek and Stylish – Of course, any student is going to want a wallet that looks clean and adult. The days of cheap children’s Velcro wallets are behind them, and they’re going to want a wallet that starts them on the process to adulthood – a wallet that, in theory, they could continue using at their first real job after college. Sleek, stylish wallets are important.

Student life is the beginning of navigating adulthood and learning to be independent. We often – correctly – think of college as a time of immense personal change. Within those changes are smaller needs that affect how well we adapt to college life. 

The choice in wallet is a reflection of that. Wallets reflect our day to day lives, and students that choose the right wallet early on find that they have something more convenient, helpful, and special for their college experience than those that use any cheap or bulky wallet they find at the store. Find your ultra slim wallet today with Allett. 

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