The Psychology of Wallets – How Wallets Affect Your Personality

By Veronica Eisner

Updated September 11, 2023 @ 03:33PM

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Picture this: You’re on a long walk and come across a small rock on the path. You kick the rock forward, and it bounces for a while and lands back on the path in front of you. You kick the rock again, and it jumps and bumps and lands, once again, on your path. You continue this for several minutes. This rock becomes more than a rock. The rock is now your friend. You feel a tiny bit attached to it.

At some point, the rock careens off of another rock and rolls into the grass, out of reach. Even though you only interacted with this rock for a few minutes at most, you feel a little bit sad, like you lost a friend.

This is a story about wallets

We often talk about wallets and think about wallets like they’re just some accessory that means nothing to us. But people that own their wallets for a long time have a tendency to grow attached to them. They become a small part of who they are. It’s why most of us – especially men – only have one wallet. We could stock on up wallets and use them as accessories, but most of us have a wallet - *our wallet* - that we use every day. It is a wallet that means something to us.

Allett Wallet on Bedroom Floor

How Wallets Can Affect Our Own Behavior

Knowing that we become attached to our wallets also tells us that it is possible for our wallets to affect our own decision making as well.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • A person that carries a clutch wallet will often find that their wallet affects their decision making, and vice versa. As a fashion accessory, they may need to switch out their wallet items to pick the one that matches their outfit. They may also need to alter their life to make sure that the wallet is always in a safe place. Many clutch wallets are also designer brands, which means that they can affect how a person views brands and identifies.
  • A person with a large pocket wallet has to make similar outfit choices based on their wallet, as bulkier wallets may either struggle to fit in a pocket, fit only in a back pocket, or create a huge bulge if placed in the front pocket. It can be awkward and uncomfortable taking these wallets out of their pocket, but they may also use these wallets to house multiple business cards or items, seeing their wallet more as storage than as just a wallet.
  • A person with a wallet they are less confident with may struggle to bring it out when it’s time to pay, or may display body language that shows that they’re uncomfortable with the way their wallet looks and feels. This is one of the problems with choosing a “Cheap” wallet, as it can make someone alter their confidence levels around their wallet usage.

There may also be other psychological factors at play with wallets. For example, minimalist wallets may help someone feel less overwhelmed. Designer slim wallets can make someone feel more fashionable and confident. Specific types of wallets may help someone feel sporty, or higher class. Just as we grow attached to our wallets, so too does the wallet affect how we feel about ourselves.

What Makes the Best Wallet for a Person’s Psychology?

In a general sense, a person is going to grow most confident and attached to the wallet that they feel represents them the most. That may not be the same wallet for everyone. Someone that prefers to be outdoors may need a different wallet than someone that travels frequently, for example.

But one thing that does matter universally is the combination of longevity and craftsmanship. No matter what, a person needs to feel confident that their wallet represents them well, which requires a wallet that does not look cheap. It needs to be one that feels and appears to be of high quality. In addition, and related, is the need for a wallet to last. Because we grow attached to our wallets, it becomes important for us to have a wallet that will last as long as possible, so that we can grow attached and love that wallet in the months and years to come.

Your decision on which wallet is best for you is going to be an immensely personal one. But for those that want something ultra-slim, sleek, and long lasting, check out our many beautiful wallets here at Allett.


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