What to Carry in Your Passport Wallet

By Veronica Eisner

Updated August 22, 2023 @ 10:22AM

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There is something truly amazing about traveling. You have an opportunity to get exposed to other cultures, other languages, and other ways of thinking. You can experience new foods, visit historical landmarks, and see the world in unique ways. Our ability to travel has, figuratively and literally, made the world a smaller and more incredible place.
But traveling also requires a lot of planning, and part of that planning involves figuring out what you are going to carry in your wallet – specifically, your passport wallet, because the one thing you absolutely need to have on you at all times is a passport. But what else might you need to carry with you?

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What is a Passport Wallet?

Passport wallets are wallets that, as the name suggests, have a pocket specifically built for a passport. Typically, the passport wallet pocket has to fit the passport snugly, because it is a booklet too important to lose. But, depending on the design, it will also have other cards and pockets available to help you manage other items.

Items to Keep Inside of Your Passport Wallet

There are a few factors that might affect when you decide to pack with you in your wallet. For example, the currency involved, how much room you have on your credit card for purchases, whether or not you will be renting a car, etc. But the following are some of the items you absolutely should carry in your passport wallet – besides, of course, your passport - so that you have it on you when you’re traveling:

• Some Local Currency – Cards are accepted almost everywhere in the world. But not everywhere. At minimum, it is recommended that you carry the equivalent of about $50 to $100 in local currency to make sure that you have cash available for emergencies. In areas with less card acceptance, you may need upwards of $300 depending on your access to banks.

 • Reservation Information – It is a good idea to print out and keep on hand the addresses and phone numbers of the hotels that you plan to stay. That is because the internet may not always work in other countries, or there may be similar names of hotels/destinations. Knowing the exact hotel with the exact address and dates can help you navigate to your destination better and not rely on the internet.

• Emergency and Emergency Contact Information – You are generally very safe traveling internationally. But should anything happen to you, it helps to have emergency contact information or medical information printed in both English and the language of the area you’re staying so that you can be correctly cared for.

• Travel Insurance and Visa Information – If you purchase travel insurance, or your stay requires a visa, these items should be kept in your passport wallet at all times. Not everyone will need these items on their trips, but those that do will want to make sure that the items are on hand and easily accessible.

• One or Two Credit Cards, One Debit Card – You do not want to bring all of your cards with you. If you were to lose your wallet, you would have immense difficulty trying to cancel and manage all the cards internationally. But one or two credit cards, especially if they can be used to make international purchases, and one debit card are strongly recommended.

• Pen – Having a pen on you is always a good idea. Sometimes, you’ll have only a few minutes to fill out something like a Visa form with no access to a pen on hand. A small pen that fits in your wallet is a great way to make sure that you have a pen available at all times. We make our passport wallets with a micro pen pocket, with micro pens available for purchase.

• Driver’s License – Finally, especially if you plan on driving on your trip, you will need your driver’s license. Make sure it is valid, as most countries and car rental locations will not allow you to rent a car if your license has expired, or is near expiration.

Packing minimalist is important. Large wallets are easier to steal and prone to pick pocketers, and you want to have as few items on you as possible to protect yourself from damage related to theft. That is why you should also consider a minimalist passport wallet, and carry only the items you absolutely need to have – nothing more.

At Allett, we make some of the best passport wallets in the industry, ultra thin and made with premium materials, including slim Nappa leather and ripstop nylon. Learn more about our passport wallet products today by visiting our store.

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