How to Make Gifting a Wallet Extra Special

By Veronica Eisner

Updated July 24, 2023 @ 03:07PM

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Gift giving can, at times, feel stressful. You buy a gift hoping that it is received positively – hoping that the person feels genuinely happy to have opened up the package and found what’s inside. We also want that happiness to continue, not necessarily for ourselves, but so our friends or family members really feel like they receiving something of value. 

But even the best gift can fall flat. We all need shirts, but shirts are boring gifts. The person may love chocolate, but within a day or two that gift will be gone. We want to give something that will last for a long time, and we want to make sure that the person on the receiving end is especially happy with it.

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Wallet Gifts – Why Wallets Are a Great Gift, and How to Make It Better

Wallets make incredible gifts. Most people rarely buy a high end wallet for themselves, and wallets are not consumables or one-time-use. The person that receives the wallet will continue to use it in the months and years to come. Wallets are great gifts for both men and women, with men, especially, finding that they are in need of a new wallet to replace their old card carriers.

But wallets… Wallets are not always exciting. Wallets are outstanding gifts, in the sense that they are long lasting and people do not buy them for themselves, but people do not typically open a wallet and say “WOW, A WALLET!” Sometimes, you want to spice it up – make the gift a bit extra special so that the person is not only receiving something functional that they’ll love, but also feels like the wallet was so much more. 

The following are some ideas to help make the gift of the wallet extra special, so that the person receiving the wallet not only appreciates the wallet, but appreciates it as a gift as well.

  • Choose a Better Wallet – One of the most important steps is making sure you’re actually choosing a wallet they’re going to love. No one – not even the most materialistic person – wants a gift that is a big, bulky wallet, even if it has a name brand on it. Small and minimalist is the way to go, using premium materials (such as Nappa leather) that make it special. It has to be a thin, sleek wallet that will last for years without a big pocket bulge. Make sure you’re choosing the right wallet for the recipient. 
  • Add Cash – Lots of people give up giving gifts and opt for cash because of how hard it is to find presents. But cash is also a boring gift. “Thanks for the $100” is a weird thing for your friend to say to you. However, if you were already planning on giving the gift of a wallet OR cash, why not both? Throw in some $20s and suddenly your gift is more fun and appreciated. There are also many cultures where giving an empty wallet can be bad luck, so you may want to check to see if the wallet should be giving with some money in it. 
  • Provide Handmade Coupons – Let’s say you’re giving a wallet to your spouse, for example, and you know that your partner needs a wallet. You know what they’d also enjoy? A coupon for a free one hour massage, or a coupon for a date night that you promise to plan entirely. Maybe a coupon for something frisky, or a coupon for alone time. There are a lot of slots in a wallet where you can stick fun little coupons, all for free, that will make both the wallet and the gift extra special. 
  • Add a Picture – Similarly, if the gift is for a special occasion – for example, a one year anniversary – add a small photo or something that makes it special. A photo of your kids. A photo of you two together. Something a little friskier. Give a wallet size print of some photo or image that will continue to have meaning for them, and one that they can keep in their wallet as a way to associate the wallet with your special image and memories.
  • Silver Bullion – One silver “round” costs about $30 or so, and in many cultures symbolizes good luck. It will also fit perfectly in the cash pocket of the wallet, and – when the recipients open the wallet – will cause them to instantly associate the gift with value, helping to make the gift feel even more special and meaningful. 
  • Love Note – Another great addition to giving a wallet as a gift is placing within it a very meaningful love note that will fit inside of one of the wallet pockets. That way, when they open the wallet, they find the note and all the words of love that go with it. They may also save the note (depending on how lovingly it is written) within the wallet, creating more positive associations.
  • Have the Wallet Be the Addition – Wallets genuinely make amazing gifts. In fact, if you ask many people that clearly love their wallets where they got them, they’ll say they were gifted by a spouse or friend. But your wallet does not have to be the primary gift. Sometimes, it can be an excellent secondary one. For example, if you are gifting them a trip out of the country, buy them a passport wallet as well. It gives them a gift they can hold (a physical wallet) to complement the gift that is intangible (the future vacation). 

 No matter what you choose to do, know that giving a wallet truly is a great gift. What makes it special is that not only is it used every day for years – sometimes decades. It is also that it is something most people need but will not buy for themselves. Because it also came from you, that means that it will be associated with you as a memory. As long as you buy a gift that they are sure to love, like one of our leather wallets here at Allett, you’ll find that it already makes a great gift on its own. Anything else just adds to it. 

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