Where To Keep Coins When You Have a Minimalist Wallet

By Veronica Eisner

Updated July 13, 2023 @ 02:03PM

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Minimalist wallets are not just the current trend. They are useful medically, in the sense that they reduce the likelihood of fat wallet syndrome. They are aesthetically pleasing, as they look better than other wallets and will not create an unattractive pants bulge. They are also functionally effective, as they encourage carrying only the items you need and do not leave space for extra trash.

But there is one area where minimalist wallets do not always shine, and that is in their ability to carry coins. Minimalist wallets have a lot of space for carrying paper cash, but for those that tend to carry a lot of coins around with them, minimalist wallets leave much less space. So what should you do with your coins?

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Places to Keep Coins When You Have a Minimalist Wallet

Everyone carries different items, and different amount of coins. This may affect where you want to keep your money, and so these ideas may not work for everyone. But, with that in mind, the following are some of the best places to keep your coins when you have a minimalist wallet:

  • Don’t

Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t use coins anymore. Nothing is for sale for less than $0.99, and exact change is rarely needed by most stores. In fact, there are some stores that will no longer give change when the change is in pennies. If you have coins, you can donate them, give them to the store, or bring them home to put in a jar and forget about them. Most of the time, you don’t need to carry coins with you for any purpose anymore. 

  • In the Wallet

Minimalist wallets still have cash pockets. If you only have a few coins, stick them in the wallet. While these wallets are “minimalist,” they are designed to maximize the use of space, and they still have pockets for cash where you can place your coins. If you have change after paying in cash, put the change in your wallet and it will be perfectly fine.

  • Pocket 

Many pants and shorts actually come with a little pocket inside of the larger pocket that can be used for coins. It is quite literally referred to as a “coin pocket,” although some people refer to it as a “watch pocket” because its original purpose was to hold pocket watches. Even if your pants do not have this pocket, you can still keep the coins in your pocket comfortably until you have a better place to collect/put them. 

  • Purse/Backpack

If you’re someone that carries a purse or backpack around, you can put coins inside of it for easy access. Coins can go in the front of the backpack, or in the zipper pocket that many purses have, which is designed to keep products like coins in place. 

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  • Coin Wallets

You have your minimalist wallet. But perhaps what you’d *also* benefit from is a coin wallet. Coin wallets have, as the name implies, a large space for holding coins. Many of them, like ours here at Allett, are still minimalist in style and design, but they’re specifically for carrying large numbers of coins. Not only may you benefit from one of these coin wallets, but you can sometimes keep your coin wallet inside of your primary wallet and then take it out for coins any time you’re carrying more than your existing wallet can hold.

  • Car’s Center Console

All modern cars have holders that are there to carry coins, and you can also keep a jar of coins in your car in the center console. If you tend to drive places, you can keep your coins in there and pull them out when you expect to need some for your purchases.

  • Cavity Card

One very fun and cool way to carry cards with you is to purchase what’s called a Cavity Card. A Cavity Card is the shape of a credit card, but it opens to allow you to place items like coins, SD Cards, and other slim small items that do not traditionally fit inside of a minimalist wallet. They fit perfectly within the credit card spaces, and you can pull them out to take out coins when you need them without them stretching your wallet. They are especially useful for leather wallets, because they prevent any alterations to the shape. 

Carrying Coins in Your Minimalist Wallet

The world of cash is changing. Most of us do not even use cash anymore, let alone run into scenarios where you are faced with needing to carry large numbers of coins for very long. If you’re out and you get a few coins, you can easily put them in your pocket or even in your wallet for a bit, bring them home, and put them in a jar, and then you won’t need to worry about coins in your wallet at all.

But if you’re someone that runs into scenarios where you’re frequently carrying coins, many of the above options will work very well. The benefits of a minimalist wallet far outweigh the risks that you may not have coin space, and there are many simple options that can help relieve some of the pressure on your wallet. 

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