Why Some Wallets Have Two Bill Pockets, and How to Use Them

By Eugene Kim

Updated April 07, 2022 @ 11:30AM

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Maybe you’ve stared long and hard at your wallet, wondering why there’s always an empty cash slot that you just don’t seem to use? And you aren’t even sure why it’s there? So, what’s the point? Why do some wallets have two bill pockets?

Well, as high-end wallet specialists, we’re in the best place to answer this question!

We’re going to outline what the compartments in the wallet are for – and the number of uses it actually has. That’s right’ we’re taking your wallet knowledge to new levels! So be prepared to suddenly make much greater use of your wallet.

TL;DR: The main bill pocket divider allows two different forms of bills or documents to be stored independently. One for higher bills and one for your single dollars. Or one can be for receipts and one for bills. Or perhaps one for your opera tickets. Two sections mean greater organization options.

There’s the quick response, but how do you know how to best utilize this pocket for yourself?

Allett divided bill pocket

The Number of Bill Pockets in a Wallet

Wallets didn’t always have so many pockets. Back when wallets were invented, they were more of a “travel pouch," and often considered an item of luggage, designed with a number of different uses in mind, from carrying folded paper money to even carrying food!

The wallet has since evolved to become more dedicated to currency. But in the last couple of decades, wallets have evolved even further to carry other cool gadgets and accessories in addition to money. And now we can even carry custom micro pens, specifically designed to accompany your wallet.

These days wallets can have many pockets and inserts. Our popular patented Original leather bifold wallet has at least 6 pockets and can hold up to 24 cards ...and still remain slim enough to slide into your pocket with minimal impact on your back!

How to use a wallet’s divided bill pocket

So why do some wallets have two bill pockets – including some of our own Allett wallets?

The simple answer is better organization. Two compartments enable you to divide currency by denomination or type, separate out the receipts and/or tickets from your bills, or separately store additional cards such as store cards, gadgets, or other items.

We’re helping to throw some more ideas your way on exactly how you can fully utilize the two main compartments (or pockets) in your wallet.

Here is some example uses you can take advantage of straight away...

Splitting Your Bills

It’s not a good idea to carry all your currency bills in one folded bundle. If they were to fall out of your wallet then you’ve lost all of your money.

Using the two compartments is a smart way to split your bills, often this is according to denomination, so your single dollars up to your 20’s can be stored in the front compartment, while your 50s and 100s can be in the rear compartment, you baller.

It also means that when you’re in the process of paying at the store, no one can see the larger amounts you’ve got tucked at the back. Easy, and safe!

Smart Budgeting

You just got paid, and you don’t want to spend it all at once. Use the rear compartment for disciplining yourself and store your savings amount in the back. As the saying goes - out of sight - out of mind.

Some people we’ve met take this to a whole new level, even using the compartment to transfer a daily amount to their front “spendable” amount.

Of course, budgeting is happening digitally for all of us these days, but it’s still a great way to keep your spending in check, even if it’s budgeting for a single outing or weekend. Like your parents always said - “don’t spend it all in one place!”

Bills and Receipts

Ideally, you don’t want to be rifling through your opera and local band tickets to locate that elusive last dollar bill. Instead, select one compartment for your bills, and another for those receipts you wanted to keep for your new bling.

Are you an independent contractor or business owner? Receipts for your business can be a real pain. We know some people who use the extra bill pocket as an on-the-go filing system. The receipts go in, then once a week, they come out and get logged. Now that is smart accounting!

Bills and Tickets

Another option is for keeping today’s subway ticket separate from your money. The same goes for any temporary tickets or passes that you have. So you won’t have to dig through your favorite gig tickets when trying to leave your next tip.

You can even keep your tickets and your receipts together in the back compartment, while your bills are kept nice and crisp in the front.

Split Your Currency

If you’re one of those high-flying overseas kinds, then you’ll often have a different currency to work in. No problem, simply slot your Euro notes in the front pocket when you’re in Milan, and your dollar bills in the back for when you get home.

Many of our wallets cater to international currency notes, which you can see on our wallet comparison chart.

And don’t forget, you’ll also need that executive-style Allett passport wallet to go with it. Which features the latest RFID-blocking technology and, oh yeah, a divided bill pocket too.

It's For Your Gadgets

If you’re not making use of the second pocket in your wallet, then here’s a great opportunity to do just that. There’s a wealth of handy and helpful gadgets out there you can add to your wallet. Here’s we’ve listed our all-time 10 favorite and coolest wallet gadgets.

Bills and a Mask

With COVID now endemic to the way we live, it's commonplace to need a mask with you, on-the-go. If you’ve never used the rear compartment before, then now might be a good time to store a quality mask safely in the back. Then, you’ll know it’s there, at hand if and when you need it.

Allett divided bill pocket

Experiment Further

Just because you’re not a cash-carrying kind of person, doesn’t mean you don’t need a wallet. While we’ve given you many options to consider, you can experiment with your wallet until you find what works for you. There are endless possibilities, and you’re the best person to figure out how your wallet will work best for your needs.

There you have it. We’ve solved the mystery of the divided double bill pocket. You may think cash is in the past, but as you can see there are many different applications to the bill pocket that aren’t limited to carrying cash.

But, if you don’t tend to carry any cash, or receipts, or physical tickets (I mean, who doesn’t have a digital wallet these days, right?), maybe consider a different style of wallet altogether. Try our Hybrid Card Wallet - a perfect marriage between a wallet and a card holder that can hold up to 10 cards and fit folded cash if you end up with some change along the way.

There are all types of wallets out there to cater to every need and preference. But whatever your needs, Allett’s got you covered with multiple styles, materials, and colors. All of our wallets are designed with your journey in mind, and made for more - more durability, more security, more adventures! Check out all of our wallet styles from Coin Wallets to Passport Wallets to different styles of bifold wallets here.

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